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The cure against the car theft epidemic. Keep
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What is CopLock?

Cop-lock is a new vehicle anti theft device. Invented and internationally patented by retired Victorian police sergeant Bob Lycoudis. Cop-Lock is an effective, practical and affordable cure against the car theft epidemic. It will ensure that your car stays where you left it.

CopLock Features

  • Made from heat-treated steel.
  • Extremely difficult to cut or bend.
  • Drill & pick resistant lock.
  • Fits most vehicles.
  • Very easy to fit.
  • Similar in weight & size to most steering locks.
  • Offers layered protection when used in conjunction with immobilisers as advocated by many insurance companies.

Customers Feedback

See what our customers are saying

“It has been my experience that joy riders not being professionals, use brute force – they do not pick locks. Cop-Lock’s lock is not easy to pick and needs professional tools and expertise far beyond that of most car thieves”

Ben Barren, Australia

“I am very happy with the Coplock. It’s a very sturdy piece of kit and works well in my car. It was very well priced and as described in the advertising. I have recommended it to friends also. It’s a great product that I’m very happy with.”

Adrian, South Australia

“Hi. It’s a very good lock for my type of car as it’s an older model without any significant security features. With it on, you can’t engage the brake (so you can’t take it off brake) so the car is not going anywhere. It’s a simple near bomb proof lock.”

Allen, Victoria

“The Coplock is great, I live off Grey Street St Kilda and have to park my car on the street every night. I leave my car with confidence every night knowing it be where I left it nest morning. A great invention worth every penny.”

Piers M, Melbourne

“I am very impressed with the design, engineering and obvious strength of the Coplock. In a world where so many products under deliver on their promises, Coplock delivered. It fits the brake pedal on both my cars. Consequently, I placed an order for a second Coplock.”

Steve, ACT

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