CopLock History

The COP-LOCK is a motor vehicle brake/clutch pedal lock that has been developed by a retired Australian Police Sergeant with 20 years’ experience in the force. His objective was to develop a user friendly manual anti-theft device to help combat the massive problem of car theft. It had to really work yet was within reach of the average motorist. Expensive electronic anti-theft devices can be easily defeated. The Cop-Lock is a strong secure physical barrier that can be used in conjunction with electronics as layered protection, as advocated by police and many insurance companies.

How does it work?

The unique steel boot fits over and surrounds the brake or clutch pedal and also secures the pedal arm. A self-locking shaft is engaged to the floor of the vehicle securing the boot and stopping the pedal from being depressed. As a result the effective use of the brakes and or the transmission is stopped. In addition some vehicles cannot be started unless the brake or clutch pedal is depressed.

Why is it better?

Cop-lock attaches to one of the strongest parts of the vehicle – unlike the steering wheel, which is designed to bend on impact as it is made of foam and soft metal. A thief can easily cut a steering wheel in seconds using a bolt cutter or hacksaw and remove the device attached.

Many electronic anti theft devices are expensive, some can be foiled by criminals and can malfunction. It has been independently tested by Hand Brake Turn an organisation sponsored by industry, government and police, whose staff are experienced in the ways that thieves steal vehicles.